Noob vs Zombie 2

Noob vs Zombie 2

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How to play Noob vs Zombie 2?

Noob; the protagonist of this thrilling story inspired by the classic character from the famous Minecraft game called Steve, needs your help to survive a terrifying nightmare in the game Noob vs Zombie 2! What kind of surprises await you on the other side of the screen?

Your world has been overrun by hordes of dangerous zombies thirsting for blood and destruction and your dear defenseless people will only have your help to survive this massacre. Do whatever it takes to prove your incredible courage and try to kill your enemies with the help of a mighty sword. Collect some explosives along the way to set them off at the right moment, collect hearts that will improve your health status and invest your earnings from each kill into new and better weapons - don't let your character's clumsy and stiff legs and arms limit you and put an end to this nightmare once and for all!

  • MOVE
  • z JUMP
  • x ATTACK


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