Noob: JailBreak 2

Noob: JailBreak 2

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How to play Noob: JailBreak 2?

Noob is trapped in jail in the fun platformer Noob: Jailbreak 2! Will you manage to help him escape from his agonizing confinement in the state prison as you accompany him on an adventure like no other? Observe the dangers of the scenery, dodge the sharp traps along the way, climb numerous stairs and jump from one side to the other until you get the key that will open the door to your cell.

Put your wits to the test and discover the fastest and most efficient way to reach freedom through dozens of levels full of puzzles to solve and the most unpredictable circumstances. Don't give up and escape safe and sound!

Who developed Noob: Jailbreak 2?

Platonov Dev. is the creator of Noob: Jailbreak 2.

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