Noob Miner: Jailbreak

Noob Miner: Jailbreak

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How to play Noob Miner: Jailbreak?

Noob Miner: Jailbreak has more than served his sentence and now the prison warden has decided to set you free to start your life from scratch in exchange for finding a way to find the big diamond hidden somewhere in the prison space. On your way out, he has given you back your meager belongings, which you will have to make do with and use wisely if you want to survive to the end and complete your mission.

Dig, collect wood or blocks of earth, gather food and build new weapons and tools that will allow you to defend yourself. The money you earn can be invested in upgrading your tools and unlocking the elevator that will take you deep into the mine. Protect yourself from the attacks of dangerous and sinister enemies that will appear in the middle of the night next to you and resist until you recover your home and your life as you knew it. Good luck!

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