Maze of the Mini Taur

Maze of the Mini Taur

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How to play Maze of the Mini Taur?

Welcome to Maze of the Mini Taur, an exciting platform, puzzle and action game in which you must do your best to help the Minotaur make it to the exit door of each level!

Make your way through a huge maze as you manipulate the position of the rooms on each screen to arrange them in such a way as to allow you to reach the end. Can you escape before you go completely insane? Test your wits, show what you're capable of, move the 9 shaped rooms on each screen as you please, and beat 17 unique levels!

Who created Maze of the Mini Taur?

This game was developed by Zachary Richman, Writer Leko, Kira, Fartfish, Amorphous and Adrian Karmanski.



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