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How to play Left to Survive?

Have a great time with Left To Survive in a first-person zombie action video game where you must survive at all costs in a world plunged into chaos by bloodthirsty zombies who want to enslave the earth and seize power by exterminating the human race.

But you're not willing to stop that from happening! Take on the role of an incredible battalion of amazing humans who have been forcibly turned into elite soldiers because of this situation, collect powerful weapons and get ready to mercilessly annihilate your opponents by doing everything you can to survive. Enjoy an amazing variety of weapons such as assault rifles, machine guns or shotguns and shoot your enemies in the head with precision to take their last breaths - only the strongest will survive! Equip your helicopter with the most powerful weapons to exterminate your enemies in a big way from the air and build a good shelter in order to feel safe, stock up on food and essential resources to be able to live a good life. Good luck!

Who created Left To Survive?

This mod was developed by My.com B.V.

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