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Hide & Escape from School

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How to play Hide & Escape from School?

In Hide & Escape from School your main objective is to avoid the clutches of the malevolent teacher and successfully get out of the school premises. Interact with various objects (hide, pick them up or activate them) to outwit your pursuer.

This game seamlessly blends popular genres like hide and seek, escape games with quest stories - help a young student hide and escape from his teachers!

Hide and disguise: Blend in with the walls, adopt the appearance of different objects to evade the watchful eyes of the teachers. Solve puzzles, unlock doors, move through the rooms... Your ultimate goal is to free yourself! Become a master of school evasion!

Play hide and seek: Dive into the corridors and walls of the school, testing your skills by disguising yourself.

Interactive rooms and traps: Explore various rooms, lurk in the shadows and use objects to set the perfect trap. Only those who know how to disguise themselves and cleverly escape will achieve freedom.

Who created Hide & Escape from School?

Eccentric has developed this fun escape game.


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