Guardians of the Kingdom

Guardians of the Kingdom

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How to play Guardians of the Kingdom?

In the distant kingdom of Rivendore, where peace and prosperity reigned, a rainy day came.

At the top of the magnificent castle, on a throne, sat King Aldric. He was a kind and wise ruler who cared for the welfare of his people. But this day brought an unexpected and terrible evil.

The wings of the dragon of eternity crackled in the sky. With its arrival, the world began to crumble under its claws. The dragon created the portal to the afterlife, from which it released an army of monsters. They began to cover the peaceful lands of Rivendore.

After learning of the dragon's invasion, King Aldrick did not hesitate and summoned ten heroes from all corners of the kingdom. Each hero had his own unique ability and powers that were to help repel the attacks of the dragon army.

Who created Guardians of the Kingdom?

PawkaWedmak has developed this Tower Defense.


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