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Goodboy Galaxy

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How to play Goodboy Galaxy?

Goodboy Galaxy has arrived to our screens to make us enjoy like crazy a very special pixel style adventure where you must accompany Maxwell; an astronaut dog, in search of a solution to the ecological collapse suffered by his home planet.

With his world upside down, you'll have to gather your courage and travel the universe in your spaceship to find a little help for such a big problem. After days and days without rest your ship has decided to crash thousands of light years from home and you feel there is nothing you can do, but strength and hope is the last thing you should lose! Explore your environment carefully, make up to 50 new friends and confront mysterious forces if you want to reach the end of the game safe and sound. Fix your ship, explore a multitude of unknown planets and find a way to save your people from extinction. Good luck...

Who created Goodboy Galaxy?

This game was developed by Rik

  • j SELECT
  • x JUMP
  • MOVE

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