Fruits vs Zombies

Fruits vs Zombies

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How to play Fruits vs Zombies?

Fruits vs Zombies is an exciting defense game inspired by the perfect fusion of the famous Plants vs Zombies game and the fun Angry Birds, where you must help protect your neighborhood from the attack of dangerous zombies with the help of a big slingshot and a bunch of brave fruits and vegetables!

Get into the heart of the battle and guide a brave squad of vegetables led by Blue; the brave blueberry, on their way to put an end to the danger lurking around them. Each fruit comes equipped with unique abilities and powers, from the explosive power to the precision of the orange's blasts, allowing you to enjoy a multitude of strategies and overcome countless challenges. Head for the final showdown against the Zombie Boss Chef, a formidable adversary with a voracious appetite, and survive this game that perfectly combines humor, action and strategy. Are you ready to free your garden and your neighbors' from danger while enjoying colorful graphics and lots of fun? Good luck...

Who created Fruits vs Zombies?

This game was developed by OddLabs.

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