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How to play Dragon's Apprentice?

Prepare for a dangerous adventure with Dragon's Apprentice! The forces of evil have reached the lands of Ovun and threaten to destroy this peaceful city. It's time to explore every nook and cranny of this strange place! Learn the importance of code and programming to encode your every move and program your allies to help you in this great adventure.

Learn how to draw magic runes and use your gift to program the elements around you to fight terrible demons from the depths of the underworld. You alone will barely have enough energy to survive this massacre so you must find a way to find the keys to the dragon temples and thus awaken the fury of the most dangerous dragon of all time! Become a hero and manage to restore peace to the kingdom of Ovun.

What qualities stand out in Dragon's Apprentice?

  • Enjoy hyper-realistic 3D graphics full of detail.
  • Show your good reflexes and survive the enemy's attack.
  • Program your allies to help you fight the demons of hell.
  • Discover the great advantages of learning programming.
  • Save Ovun's kingdom from destruction.

Who created Dragon's Apprentice?

This game has been developed by Endless Studios

  • MOVE
  • e USE
  • h HACK
  • RUN
  • JUMP


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