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How to play ArmzLegends?

ArmzLegends is a Play-To-Earn style game to earn NFT on Binance Smart Chain.

The goal of ArmzLegends is to offer a fun gaming experience to its players, as well as build a community around it, all in order for players to earn real profits.

In ArmzLegends, players must recruit the most powerful Armz in the universe to defeat the legendary enemies of their own universe. With each victory, players earn PROT tokens, which they can use to recruit more Armz or upgrade their existing Armz.

How do I play ArmzLegends?

To play ArmzLegends you need to download and install MetaMask, a browser extension compatible with any browser. Download links can be downloaded for Chrome Web Store, Firefox Add-ons and Edge add-ons; MetaMask is also compatible with the Brave browser and can be installed on iOS and Android.

How do I create an ArmzLegends account?

With MetaMask downloaded and installed you can now create an account; the steps to follow are as follows:

  1. Click the Create a wallet button.
  2. Create a password, which will be used to login to MetaMAsk in the same browser.
  3. Finish the process and click Confirm.

After creating an account on MetaMask it will be used by default on Ethereum Mainnet. However, ArmzLegends and PROT require the wallet to be set up on Binance Smart Chain Mainnet. To create the BSC network follow the steps below:

1. Access the Settings menu by clicking on the circle at the top right of the screen.

2. Click on Networks and Add Network.

3. Enter the following information

  • Network Name: Binance Smartt Chain
  • New RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 56
  • Currency Symbol: BNB
  • Block Explorer URL:

4. Click Save and return to the main menu.

5. Check that MetalMask is set up for the Binance Smart Chain network at the top of the screen.

What are Armz?

So-called Armz are the NFTs that ArmzLegends offers to play with; each account can have as many Armz as they wish; however, to own an Armz you must have PROT and BNB. Mint is always calculated in $ and converted to the PROT equivalent in real time. BNBs, on the other hand, are sent to the development management as a fee.

NFT Armz have different values and characteristics:

  • Mana which determines their rarity.
  • Win rate depending on their rarity.

How to increase the win rate?

By adding PROT to your Armz you can increase its power, i.e. increase the win rate, up to a maximum of 3 times per Armz with a 5% improvement rate up to a maximum total of 15%. The cost in PROT varies depending on the rarity of the Armz being upgraded:

  • Common: $20 in PROT
  • Rare: $30 in PROT
  • Epic: $40 in PROT
  • Legendary: 50$ in PROT

On the other hand, you can upgrade the rarity of an Armz through 3 Armz of the same rarity. By doing so, one Armz will be upgraded to a higher rarity and the other two Armz will be consumed.

If they are common, it will become rare. If they are rare, it will become epic. Epic cannot be upgraded to legendary. In return, you have a 3% chance of getting an extra upgrade. Get your Armz now to take part in the toughest fights, upgrade your Armz and earn money with every completed fight/transaction in ArmzLegends.

How to play ArmzLegends?

Once the player has his Armz recruited, he will be able to fight against 3 legendary enemies. The fights are a chain transaction based on the power of the chosen Armz and his opponent, determining whether the player wins or loses. Each victory earns PROTs, which become part of your personal ArmzLegends account.

Is it safe to play ArmzLegends?

The ArmzLegends system is completely safe thanks to its blockchain status. The PROT earned after a fight will be displayed in the player's reward bar at the top left of the screen. The player can claim their PROT from the reward pool in exchange for an early withdrawal tax. The tax initially starts at 30%, but decreases by 2% with each passing day until it reaches 0%. Each time the player withdraws PROT, the tax returns to 30%. On the other hand, the ArmzLegends marketplace is based on ERC-721 NFTs, i.e. the Armz themselves; to eliminate the possibility of transaction scams on NFT contracts, ArmzLegends uses an exclusive marketplace where users can list and purchase NFTs.

How do I play ArmzLegends?

Download links can be downloaded for Chrome Web Store, Firefox Add-ons and Edge add-ons; MetaMask is also compatible with Brave browser and can be installed on iOS and Android.



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