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How to play Cukies World?

Cukies World is an NFTs game on the Tron Play-To-Earn network where you earn real money for playing.

The game encourages users to create their own Cuki to start earning rewards.

Through caring for Cukies you can improve their skills, earn resources, raise new baby Cukies and collect gems as rewards. Cukies World offers many ways to earn money.

How to play Cukies World

Cukies World is a strategy game where the goal is to maximize the resources your Cuki gets based on his skills. With just a few clicks a day you can manage your Cukies and make them get the best rewards, either by selling resources in the marketplace, collecting gems to invest them in UKI tokens, upgrading your Cukies and much more.

What types of Cuki are there?

There are up to 6 different types of Cukies . When you create a Cuki, you will receive one at random and if you are lucky you can create an Epic Cuki, a Legendary Cuki or even a GOAT Cuki. The 6 different types of Cuki, depending on their rarity, are:

  • Common Cuki
  • Uncommon Cuki
  • Rare Cuki
  • Epic Cuki
  • Legendary Cuki
  • Cuki GOAT

The rarer your Cuki is, the better it will perform in the game, making it more valuable and special.

What abilities do Cukies have?

Cukies have up to 6 different abilities:

  • Miner
  • Engineer
  • Farmer
  • Collector
  • Scout
  • Breeder

Each skill has a different objective and can be upgraded up to level 5. The more you improve a Cuki's skill, the better it will do its task. Choose the skills that interest you the most and upgrade them to the max!

What are the original Cukies?

Original Cukies are the first 12,000 Cukies available to be created through the official Cukies World website. More Cukies may be created in the future, but the original Cukies are special because of:

  • They have 5 Breeder skill points
  • They have other random skill points
  • They have more energy and health

In addition, only owners of the original Cukies will be able to take part in the UKI Token Private Sale.

What are UKI tokens?

UKI tokens are the tokens used in Cukies World. It is the virtual in-game currency used in most actions, including marketplace transactions.

Why use the Tron network?

Most NFT games use the Ethereum network, but Cukies World uses the Tron network for the following reasons:

  • 10x cheaper network fees
  • Easier to use
  • Easier to play on mobile devices

In addition, Cukies World is a pioneer in the transaction of NFTs through the Tron network, achieving a privileged position in short and long term NFT and P2E games.

Raise your Cukies now, boost their skills and achieve great real rewards through Cukies World!



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