World Fighting Soccer 22

World Fighting Soccer 22

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How to play World Fighting Soccer 22?

WorldFighting Soccer 22 is the ultimate action-packed soccer game to decide who is the best striker in the world!

Catch the ball, pass, fly through the air and shoot with all your might!

What are the features of World Fighting Soccer 22?

  • Local multiplayer (2 player mode)
  • 16 unique teams from all over the world (only 4 in this demo)
  • 3 arenas
  • Campaign mode culminating in a relentless final boss fight (full version only)
  • A simple training mode to perfect your skills and combos

Download Get the full version from, it's not free, but be sure to support the game if you really like it. Be sure to play the in-game tutorial to learn all the controls, it's worth it!

Who developed World Fighting Soccer 22?

Made by Melko Game Club

  • MOVE
  • x RUN
  • JUMP


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