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How to play Universe Island?

Universe Island is a free-to-play 1-on-1 online sci-fi themed action game that includes NFT elements to collect.

Universe Island allows two players to fight against each other in real time in combat arenas through shooter-like gameplay, i.e. third-person shooters.

Thanks to its cryptographic technology, Universe Island offers players the possibility to collect all kinds of NFTs in the form of unique weapons and more for the game. These NFTs can be bought, traded or sold to generate real income.

All Universe Island players get real rewards for the time they spend on the platform, either by playing or by transacting NFTs with other players or the game's own marketplace.

Get to know the Universe Island metaverse

The story of Universe Island introduces us to Anime Girl, a young explorer trapped on a volcanic space island where she seeks refuge to escape the unknown. Her first goal is to discover more of this strange world in which she finds herself trapped. Lost and scared, but with a lot of motivation, she will embark on a journey in which she will discover new worlds, friends... and enemies. Here begins your journey!

How to play Universe Island?

Universe Island offers classic third-person shooter mechanics in combat arenas, in this case, for two players. Each player's goal is to defeat his opponent in order for his character to gain experience and other rewards.

Each player starts with 100 HP or health points. In addition, in the middle of the battle, other AI-controlled characters will appear, in principle neutral, but they will be able to choose one side or the other as the combat progresses.

The game features an exciting sci-fi theme with detailed scenarios and maps, as well as a wide range of character customization options. Choose your favorite avatar and jump into the arena to fight and win!

How to earn rewards in Universe Island

Universe Island games offer great rewards for players who win their fights. Rewards such as accessories, weapons, customization items and more, in addition to in-game tokens.

On the other hand, in the middle of the battle, spaceships may appear and drop loot boxes with all sorts of unique accessories and rewards, as well as token loot worth a fortune. Keep an eye on your opponent's moves, but don't lose sight of the treasures that may fall from the sky!

Universe Island is based on an algorithm that awards rewards for each kill achieved in battle, as well as for the time each player spends on the platform - the more time you spend playing, the more real rewards you can get!

What NFTs does Universe Island offer?

Universe Island NFTs are collectible in-game items that grant different accessories and weapons to players, all to make their avatar unique in both appearance and abilities. Each NFT has the following basic attributes:

  • Item Type
  • Abilities
  • Extra attributes

In addition, each NFT card incorporates extra information such as the name of the item, the rarity level, the number of existing copies and a short explanation of the item.

You will find NFTs for weapons, helmets, suits, armor, boots, gloves, jetpacks and more. You can collect your own set of NFTs or if you prefer you can sell or exchange them for others.

On what platforms is Universe Island available?

Universe Island is a free game available for iOS and Android mobiles.

Embark on this new adventure with NFTs and earn great rewards as you play, either by winning battles and exploring the universe or by trading NFT items. The vast world of Universe Island awaits you!



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