The Smurfs Village Cleaning

The Smurfs Village Cleaning

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How to play The Smurfs Village Cleaning?

The prankster Smurf has prepared a really bad joke and is rubbing his hands together to see the reaction of all the villagers in the game The Smurfs Village Cleaning. He has left little red and yellow explosive boxes on all the doors of the houses in the village, and when they exploded the soot and dirt covered every nook and cranny, making everything really filthy!

Now, this practical joke has all the villagers upset but ready to clean every corner with energy until everything is really spotless. Can you help The Smurfs clean their village from top to bottom with hardly any rest? Complete each level successfully and don't let all this dirt discourage you. Good luck...

Who created The Smurfs Village Cleaning?

This game was developed by IMPS.

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