The Game of Sisyphus

The Game of Sisyphus

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How to play The Game of Sisyphus?

Are you ready to enjoy The Game of Sisyphus, a captivating and attractive world in which you will have to reproduce the famous myth of Sisyphus? Enjoy an attractive and exciting third-person 3D physics game in which you will have to roll a large spherical stone uphill without stopping.

Are you ready to test all your reflexes as you develop your strength to get this heavy load to the finish line? Avoid deviations, be very careful with every step you take and make only wise decisions on your way by exercising patience, keeping in mind at all times that every decision you make has its consequences, dodge obstacles, overcome countless challenges and enjoy yourself to the fullest!

Who created The Game of Sisyphus?

This game has been developed by the company Cream.

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