Bacon - The Game

Bacon - The Game

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How to play Bacon - The Game?

Enjoy a fun physics game with Bacon the Game where you have to try to throw the delicious slices of smoked bacon into the moving cup of each level. What will be more important to complete it successfully - intelligence or skill? Be patient and correctly calculate the strength and timing of your throw to accomplish your mission.

You will have the possibility to use a strategically placed pan on the screen to propel the bacon and direct it towards its destination. It seems like a simple task but only the most skilled players will have the chance to win! How many points will you be able to get in just 30 seconds? Try to beat your own record before time runs out and get to the top of the leaderboard - have fun!

Who created Bacon the Game?
This game has been developed by Philipp Stollenmayer


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