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Rocket Punch 2

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How to play Rocket Punch 2?

If you're a boxing fanatic and your mastery of the gloves is truly exceptional, it's time to have a great time with the second part of this exciting fighting game! Have fun with Rocket Punch 2 in a thrilling game where you can test your boxing skills through difficult fights and puzzles that will make you squeeze your brain to the max.

Be patient and hit mercilessly all the enemies that cross your path by controlling the trajectory of your powerful fists. Have you ever seen such a big fist? Dodge the obstacles in your way and take advantage of the accessories and weapons that will appear on the stage to try to complete your mission. Break through walls, punch through the ground, smash into explosive barrels, and do whatever it takes to claim the ultimate victory. With the money you earn, you'll unlock new gloves that will give you a very special experience, each with a completely different set of skills. Good luck!



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