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Redmatch 2 details

Redmatch 2 is a first-person shooter multiplayer game in which you will have the mission to cruelly murder dozens of enemies willing to take your life. Will you manage to survive a real massacre in 3D? Find all sorts of power-ups scattered around the map and manage to improve your speed, your jumping power or your health during a dangerous battle.

With explosive barrels scattered throughout the territory, you'll have the chance to keep on annihilating your opponents by blowing them up without any danger - accumulate experience points with every kill or power-up and prove that you're the best player! Immerse yourself in 13 unique maps, a few weapons and lots of new game modes to choose from. How long will you be able to survive with little or no damage?

Who created Redmatch 2?
This game has been developed by Rugbug Redfern.

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