Kogama: Blocks Real

Kogama: Blocks Real


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How to play Kogama: Blocks Real?

Get ready to enjoy a new multiplayer adventure with your friends in Kogama: Blocks Real! Enjoy amazing 3D graphics as always and get ready to destroy everything in your path with your powerful weapons with the most destructive projectiles.

Make your enemies run away in a hurry and don't let them end your life with a single shot. Change your propulsion when you feel like it and explore your surroundings as you take on all sorts of players. Protect your back and move through a unique environment where you can relax and have fun! Build stairs by positioning the blocks correctly and reach almost unreachable places thanks to your patience and ingenuity. Enjoy once again playing free community created games from your own browser - create and share games with your friends!

What features does Kogama: Blocks Real offer?

  • Experience exciting 3D graphics
  • Enjoy unique user-created environments
  • Destroy any object or enemy that crosses your path.
  • Acquire new weapons along the way.
  • Try not to fall off the cliff.
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