Portal TD: Tower Defense

Portal TD: Tower Defense

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How to play Portal TD: Tower Defense?

A portal opened, from which crowds of unknown creatures have started to come out!

Your goal is to stop the attack of monsters with all their might, using tower defense.

What are the special features of Portal TD: Tower Defense?

There are 4 basic tower defenses:

  • Bow: Allows you to quickly and efficiently shoot at individual targets. The bow is especially good against ogres and causes additional damage to them.
  • Staff: Useful when there is a large concentration of monsters. All monsters in the attack radius will receive the same amount of damage.
  • Frost: It is able to slow down many enemies in an instant and allow the rest of the defensive structures to attack the enemy.
  • Sword: Attacks several enemies at once, releasing a wide attack wave that flies in a certain direction.

Upgrading defensive towers significantly increases their characteristics and also opens the opportunity to move to a new level by acquiring new TD skills.
Changing the attack mode of the tower will allow the player to more accurately predict the attack to achieve excellent results.
Accelerating the time to x3 will allow the player to move faster towards progress.

Every 50 completed rounds, you can get one of several bonuses. It is necessary to take into account the bonuses received during the additional construction of protective towers to achieve maximum efficiency.
A new map is added every day, where you can test your strength and get more rating points.

Who created Portal TD: Tower Defense?

Mini Game Apps Studio has developed this Tower Defense game.

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