Outpost: Zombie Apocalypse

Outpost: Zombie Apocalypse

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How to play Outpost: Zombie Apocalypse?

Outpost: Zombie Apocalypse is a really exciting action and survival game, in which you'll have to survive at all costs in a post-apocalyptic world in which you are one of the last humans that resist the zombie invasion that is ravaging the city.

Your objective will be to resist as much as you can to all their attacks while you build barriers, improve your fortress and forge weapons with the scrap you find around your shelter. Survival is paramount, especially during the dangerous night hours. Gather as many resources as you can during the day, repair your barrier failures and keep your small group of companions safe - enjoy and manage to resist the invasion to the end!

Who created Outpost: Zombie Apocalypse?

This game has been developed by the company AGAVA.

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