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How to play Microsoft Sudoku?

It's time to put your mind to the test with Microsoft Sudoku in an exciting game of numbers, math and lots of strategy! Will you manage to complete all your challenges without a problem? Choose the difficulty you prefer, enjoy 6 different levels and get ready to fill in each and every empty space on the board with the correct numbers.

Yes, you read that right! Show your skill with numbers and think carefully in which squares you have to place them correctly in order not to repeat any of them in the same row, the same column or the same box. Also, you will have the chance to try the new irregular version where the shapes of the squares will be completely unequal, test your brain and have a great time!

What features does Microsoft Sudoku offer?

  • Enjoy completely new and different puzzles generated on the fly.
  • Prove your intelligence through 6 levels of difficulty.
  • Experience the new irregular mode as you test your brain.
  • Take notes like you would on paper.
  • See your stats, average time and total number of games played.
  • Customize each game with tons of different settings.

Who created Microsoft Sudoku?

This game has been developed by Microsoft.

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