Mergic: Merge & Magic

Mergic: Merge & Magic

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How to play Mergic: Merge & Magic?

Get ready to put your magic skills to the test in the game Mergic: Merge & Magic as you combine identical objects and do your best to create magic potions that will allow you to advance and unlock new levels.

Add cauldrons, clocks, potions and an endless number of magical objects that will help you fulfill all your objectives with the help of an experienced witch and her faithful cat assistant. Thanks to the work you do and the elements you unlock, you will be able to clean and reform your home little by little until you leave it clean and shiny. Reveal new objects and tools thanks to a perfect combination and sharpen your mental problem-solving skills if you want to achieve ultimate success. Clean without stopping and clear the stage to feel full and free! Good luck...

Who created Mergic: Merge & Magic?

This game was developed by Casual Azur Games.

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