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Enjoy with Match Adventure a colorful and exciting match 3 puzzle game where you will dive into an incredible adventure together with Gemmy the squirrel. Are you ready to solve the dozens of puzzles that overshadow the forest where you and your friends live?

One day, upon waking up, the inhabitants of the forest saw that someone had destroyed their entire home, leaving it sad, dull and completely desolate. Who would be capable of committing such an atrocity? It's time to go on a magical adventure and collect numerous gems to recover the lost part of the forest and find out what's going on. Talk to all sorts of characters along the way, and find the solution to the great mystery that surrounds you. Unlock some power-ups as the game progresses that will allow you to get to the end of this strange situation as quickly as possible and find the solution to this great mystery. Good luck!

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