Huggy Wuggy vs Zombies

Huggy Wuggy vs Zombies

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How to play Huggy Wuggy vs Zombies?

Huggy Wuggy vs Zombies is a thrilling third-person roguelike horror game where you will have to take on the role of the evil Huggy Wuggy as you head to the city cemetery to hunt down waves of dangerous zombies while protecting your life with powerful weapons by annihilating them one by one.

Take on the role of the savior, run without looking back, protect your back at all times and upgrade your character with the money you earn. Rank up and unlock a total of 4 different weapons as you run through every corner of a dark crypt. Are you ready to have the time of your life? Good luck...

Who created Huggy Wuggy vs Zombies?

This game has been developed by Eiht Games.

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  • RUN


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