Funny Battle Simulator 2

Funny Battle Simulator 2

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How to play Funny Battle Simulator 2?

Funny Battle Simulator 2 invites you to dive into one of the craziest and most exciting battle games where you will have to do whatever it takes to destroy waves of enemy units and make your army the best and most powerful in the world!

You think it's a typical war game? Well, you're really wrong! Take command of your out-of-the-ordinary cavalry and infantry by making sure to cover all points on the map at all times, and select the craziest and funniest units to form your army such as cavemen, strongmen, elephants, sharks, bears armed with bazookas and dozens of other surprises! Don't let your adversary finish off the life of your amazing army for good, invest your profits wisely and sow chaos and destruction over your enemies to rise up with the final victory. Good luck!

Who created Funny Battle Simulator 2?

This epic battle game is developed by GoGoMan.

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