FNF: Paralysis (Tails Gets Trolled)

FNF: Paralysis (Tails Gets Trolled)

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How to play FNF: Paralysis (Tails Gets Trolled)?

Enjoy with FNF: Paralysis (Tails Gets Trolled) a new musical mod in which you will have to help Boyfriend fight against a furious Sonic willing to defeat you in an exciting duel. The main theme of this adventure was entirely developed to be part of the mod "FNF: Tails Gets Trolled" but it was cancelled leaving the song in oblivion.

The story tells how one day, Tails was walking alone in Green Hill Zone when Boyfriend and Girlfriend emerged from the shadows and mocked him by telling him that he had no talent, forcing him to face a rap duel with them. After such humiliation Tails escaped crying with Sonic and Shadow and told them about his terrible encounter. But Sonic, upset and disgusted with the story, decided to approach the Funky Town inhabitants to have a civilized conversation. Are you ready to face one of the most exciting duels of all time? Help Boyfriend defeat Sonic in a heated confrontation and get ready to have a great time!

Who created FNF: Paralysis (Tails Gets Trolled)?

This mod was developed by Trideter.



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