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Ditto Fancade

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How to play Ditto Fancade?

Ditto Fancade invites you to participate in a fun puzzle game in which your main goal is to guide the cute yellow chicks to their destination while avoiding falling off the cliff at all times.

It seems easy, but one wrong move can lead you to lose and make you start from scratch, so think your moves very carefully and do your best to solve all the puzzles by squeezing your brain to the max! Beat up to 15 unique levels full of puzzles and lots of fun, and don't give up on the problems that come your way - have a great time!

Who created Ditto Fancade?

This game was developed by Martin Magni and is one of over 100 Fancade games and challenges - play and enjoy!

Ditto Fancade can be also found in these platforms:

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