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Odd Bot Fancade

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How to play Odd Bot Fancade?

Odd Bot Fancade is a puzzle game with all sorts of puzzles and tricky scenarios to solve, in which you must guide a cute yellow one-eyed robot to the spinning golden cube at the other end of each screen.

To complete your mission you must move around the stage with ease and navigate through a series of different stages moving blocks and easing your way to victory with the help of your great wit. Manipulate the necessary objects to enhance your experience, rotate the camera and circle the stage to clearly see the path you can move along, and achieve success quickly by wracking your brain to find a practical solution to your problems. Good luck!

Who created Odd Bot Fancade?

This game was developed by Martin Magni and belongs to one of the more than 100 games and challenges on Fancade- play and enjoy!

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