Fancade Rally Championship

Fancade Rally Championship

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How to play Fancade Rally Championship?

Fancade Rally Championship is an incredible racing and drifting game in which you will have to move along different stages with different vehicles while doing your best to avoid flipping over while maintaining balance and a constant speed. Participate in unique races through incredibly complex circuits full of curves where you will have to test your amazing command of the steering wheel.

Be careful! The road looks safe, but you can go off the track and fall off the cliff if you're not careful and don't pay attention to your moves. Manage to complete 3 laps as you go through tunnels and take sharp turns making 90 degree turns and change the way you drive depending on the weather conditions and the qualities of your environment. Snow, dirt, vegetation and asphalt will be factors to take into account if you want to successfully complete your race. Have fun!

Who created FRC Fancade Rally Championship?

This game was developed by RedDragon888 and belongs to one of the more than 100 Fancade games and challenges. Play and enjoy!

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