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Adventure Time Elemental

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How to play Adventure Time Elemental?

Get ready to enjoy with Adventure Time Elemental a unique adventure starring the incarnation of the four elements, fire, ice, candy and slime in flesh and blood characters with this fun adventure inspired by the famous TV series Adventure Time!

At the beginning of all time, Urgence Evergreen; the elemental that gave life to ice, created a magical crown capable of destroying a dangerous giant comet. After thousands of years of peace, and a very peaceful life, he decided to call a meeting with his companions to discuss his need to activate the power of the crown, but his companions refused to give him that power because they saw loopholes in his plan! The refusal forces Evergreen to freeze his companions and confront the dangerous magma beast that protects the crown and the rubies. Do your best to survive the lava beast by avoiding falling into its jaws or into the void and collecting all the gems that will allow you to finally destroy the comet that is heading out of control all the way to earth. Good luck!

Who created Adventure Time Elemental?

This game was developed by Cartoon Network.

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Minitorneos, chat & make friends


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