2 Player Imposter Soccer

2 Player Imposter Soccer

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How to play 2 Player Imposter Soccer?

Are you ready to participate in an exciting duel with the game 2 Player Imposter Soccer? Enjoy your favorite sport together with the protagonists of the famous and beloved game Amongs Us as you control the ball while advancing without losing control to the opponent's goal for a limited time of 60 seconds.

It sounds simple, but dozens of players and opponents from all over the world will do their best to thwart your mission by standing in your way. Demonstrate your fantastic ball control to become the top scorer of the year and prevent a bad reaction from making you lose control of the ball. Are you ready to enjoy your favorite sport in a huge astronaut suit? Good luck...

Who created 2 Player Imposter Soccer?

This game was developed by Hihoy.

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