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Wild Castle

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How to play Wild Castle?

Get ready for fun and adrenaline in Wild Castle! Join this amazing epic adventure and improve your castle's strength and defenses. Build massive defense towers and send your mages, archers and warriors into battle to survive an endless barrage of monstrous creatures ready to invade your lands.

Are you a fan of the Middle Ages and their battles? Then this is your game! Enjoy playing with over 60 different kinds of heroes each with unique skills, collect 20 treasures that will boost your defenses and improve your stamina, hire workers to mine as much gold as possible safely and create the most feared and ruthless team of all time. Good luck!

What qualities does Wild Castle offer?

  • Enjoy simple, detailed graphics.
  • Face over 10,000 waves of monsters.
  • It controls more than 60 different types of heroes.
  • Collect 20 different types of treasures and power-ups.
  • Extract as much gold as possible to improve your defenses.
  • Prevent your castle's barriers from falling behind the incessant enemy attacks.

Who created Wild Castle?

This game has been developed by Crunchy Studio LLC.


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