TNT Bomb

TNT Bomb

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TNT Bomb details

Get ready to blow everything up in a thousand pieces in TNT Bomb! In this fun 3D puzzle game you will have the chance to play with different types of explosives with very particular characteristics. Watch each level carefully and rotate the screen to find the perfect combination of explosives needed to blow up each and every block on the screen.

Solve dozens of complicated 3D puzzles and successfully complete each and every level. Choose from classic dynamite, an explosive that explodes only in a straight line, a Molotov cocktail, a big boxing fist capable of knocking down many blocks, and a nuclear bomb to test your incredible reflexes and amazing spatial vision!

What qualities stand out in TNT Bomb?

  • Realistic 3D graphics.
  • More than 5 different types of explosions.
  • All kinds of interactive puzzles.
  • Blow up the first to last block in each level or you will lose the game.