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Construct House 3D

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How to play Construct House 3D?

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a world famous builder? Then it's time to get ready to test your skills in Construct House 3D! Finish filling each building brick by brick as you solve complex puzzles to try and get the blocks from one side of each wall to the other. Carefully observe each incomplete corner, and interact with the 3D modeled buildings by rotating them as you please so you don't leave a single gap unfilled.

It's easier than it looks! Are you ready to build? Have fun with some simple graphics and tackle up to 24 levels full of unsolved puzzles - good luck!

What qualities stand out in Construct House 3D?

  • Simple 3D graphics to interact with.
  • Try to fill in every empty corner on the walls of the buildings.
  • Solve up to 24 unique levels.
  • Test your brain and your ability to solve complex puzzles.
  • MOVE


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