Suika Game: Merge Fruits

Suika Game: Merge Fruits

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How to play Suika Game: Merge Fruits?

Immerse yourself in an exciting puzzle game with Suika Game: Merge Fruits, and get ready to merge delicious identical fruits in pairs to make them evolve into a much bigger and tastier one. The more combinations you make, the higher your score will be!

Your goal is to create a huge watermelon from small cherries. Watch the board carefully, avoid filling the box to the brim or you will lose the game and relax with this fascinating game after a hard day's work - only 1% of the players will be able to reach the watermelon, will you be one of them, set a new record and live a unique experience!

Who created Suika Game: Merge Fruits?

This game has been developed by KK Games. You can also try the original Suika Game.



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