Skyblock: Survive with Noob

Skyblock: Survive with Noob

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How to play Skyblock: Survive with Noob?

It's time to have a really good time with the game SkyBlock: Survive with Noob as you help our friend solve all sorts of tasks while moving from one end of a small floating island to the other!

Live a magical experience thanks to mind-blowing graphics and incredible physics, and do your best to obtain enough resources to create tools and build all kinds of items. Once the night comes, the difficulty will increase, putting your life in danger from dangerous zombie killers. Build a small fortress, keep your livestock safe, and watch your back while you manage to expand your small living space. You'll also have to keep an eye on your vital signs and do your best to keep them full, thanks to a good diet and a wonderful rest, build your own house, hunt wild animals and explore neighboring islands!

Who developed Skyblock: Survive with Noob?

Platonov is the creator of this Minecraft game.

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