Skibidi Bosses vs Cameramen

Skibidi Bosses vs Cameramen

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How to play Skibidi Bosses vs Cameramen?

Skibidi Bosses vs Cameramen is an exciting 3D action-adventure game in which you will have to assume the role of an evil Skibidi boss while you mercilessly annihilate waves of cameramen willing to end your life.

Immerse yourself in a dangerous world where a crazy chase will make your nerves be on edge and shoot without fear while you move through the air with the help of a powerful jetpack. Dodge the laser beams that will cross your path and face a variety of bosses while surviving lots of incredible adventures. Pay attention, seek shelter and avoid a great threat by saving the world from chaos and total destruction!

Who created Skibidi Bosses vs Cameramen?

This game is developed by GoGoMan.

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