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How to play Quizzland?

Enjoy with QuizzLand a unique and special quiz game where you will have to prove your knowledge through questions related to art, science, literature, sports and hundreds of curiosities.

Once you answer, you will have the opportunity to learn much more by reading the interesting detailed information about each topic. Earn some coins for each correct answer and spend them to buy hints that will help you overcome the most difficult questions without making mistakes. Have fun challenging all your friends and answer all the questions correctly to find the way out of an endless maze of puzzles! Will you manage to test your intelligence and win the ultimate victory?

What features does Quizzland have to offer?

  • Test your intelligence with questions of all kinds.
  • Enjoy playing in dozens of different languages.
  • Unlock cards until you find the exit door.
  • Learn by playing like never before.
  • Spend the coins you earn to buy hints and helps.
  • Challenge your friends and have a great time.

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