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CrocWord details

Are you ready to demonstrate your amazing vocabulary skills? Enjoy a fun crossword game with CrocWord where you have to find out the right answer to get the highest score by using the letters at the bottom of the screen.

Overcome hundreds of unique levels where you'll enjoy learning while solving increasingly complex puzzles! Combine letters, discover new words and help our beloved teacher find all the answers to the puzzles. As you earn more and more gold coins you'll have the chance to unlock some clues if you get stuck - good luck!

What are the features of CrocWord?

  • Solve fun puzzles.
  • Collect coins to buy clues if you get stuck
  • Show off your incredible command of vocabulary.
  • Guess all the hidden words using the letters provided in each level.
  • Complete hundreds of exciting levels
  • Earn new trophies with your ingenuity
  • Accumulate extra gold thanks to the extra words.
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