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Project: Counter Assault Online


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How to play Project: Counter Assault Online?

Project: Counter Assault Online is a thrilling first-person shooter game with incredible hyper-realistic 3D graphics where you can immerse yourself in a unique and mind-blowing battle with your friends and test your skills as a marksman. Protect your back as you carefully explore the scenery and try to annihilate your opponents one by one without putting your life in danger.

Protect your back from enemy gunfire as you carefully scout the stage and try to annihilate your opponents one by one without putting your life in danger. Will you have the courage to kill your opponents without blinking an eye? Hide behind barricades and speed through a labyrinth of walls, blocks and corridors if you want to survive - get new weapons by investing the money you earn with each defeat and become unstoppable!

What qualities does Project: Counter Assault Online have to offer?

  • Enjoy several exciting game modes.
  • Create your own custom rooms to play with your friends.
  • Purchase weapons with your perks to enhance your gaming experience.
  • Experience the magic of being surrounded by excellent and realistic 3D graphics.
  • Immerse yourself in the story through physics and sound effects.

Who created Project: Counter Assault Online?

This game was developed by the company BoneCracker Games.

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