Minicraft: Hidden Treasures

Minicraft: Hidden Treasures

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How to play Minicraft: Hidden Treasures?

Welcome Minicraft: Hidden Treasures, a fun adventure game inspired by the famous Minecraft where you must do everything possible to find countless hidden treasures. Fill your inventory with all sorts of tools, weapons and food and be sure to equip yourself perfectly to dive into an unparalleled adventure.

Immerse yourself in an environment full of mysterious mines and dark corners as you take your pickaxe and do whatever it takes to fill your pockets with huge diamonds of great value. Make your way through a hostile world full of dangers and human bloodthirsty adversaries, and build ladders, torches or tools with the raw materials you collect to facilitate your survival. Prevent the depths of the earth from becoming a tomb for you and take care of the 6 lives you have at your disposal. Save your progress so as not to lose everything you've done so far and play again whenever you want from the point where you left off. Enjoy!

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