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Imposter 3D: Online Horror


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How to play Imposter 3D: Online Horror?

It's time to test your courage with Imposter 3D: Online Horror as you do your best to save all the little astronauts on the stage from the clutches of the evil impostor.

Enjoy incredible graphics, millions of details, realistic physics and a dreary and practically infinite scenery as you test your reflexes by constantly protecting your back - can you survive to the end? Good luck!

You can play up to 5 different game modes:

  • Mafia mode: try to catch the impostor in a game surrounded by a maximum of 10 players. But beware, the roles change and at any moment you can become the impostor!
  • PvE mode: Immerse yourself in a new adventure this time fighting against an impostor controlled by your computer.
  • PvP mode: This is the fight in which you will control the impostors all the time.
  • Zombie Mode: A mode in which if you are captured by the impostor you will become one of them.
  • Hide and Seek mode: You will have as main mission to put yourself in the skin of an astronaut and hide until you arrive safe and sound at the end of each round.

Who created Imposter 3D: Online Horror?

This game has been developed by Snow Bat.

Imposter 3D: Online Horror can be also found in these platforms:

  • MOVE
  • AIM
  • e ACCIÓN
  • t TRAMPA
  • RUN


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