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How to play Beaver Traitor!?

Beaver Traitor! in an exciting game in which a player will assume the role of a traitor beaver while the other participants worry about surviving in a space base full of dangers. Your main objective will be to secretly kill the other participants and hinder their mission to repair everything that prevents them from moving forward with the curious nuclear power plant in which they live.

You will have to be fast, very cunning, cautious and think strategically every step you take to avoid detection and achieve victory. Put yourself in the shoes of the famous Perry the Platypus; the famous mascot of Phineas and Ferb, deceive your companions, trust only in yourself and become a space danger. You can buy masks to change your appearance and move between passages to avoid being caught after any of the murders you commit!

Who created Beaver Traitor!

This game was developed by AWD.Good.

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