Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper

Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper

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How to play Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper?

Take part in a fascinating and terrifying game called Horror Tale and get ready to test your patience and courage as you try to solve a terrifying mystery safe and sound. You are trapped inside a wooden cabin, someone has locked you in and you don't know who it is or what the reason is, will you manage to find out what's going on without endangering your life?

Meet the brave Harry and get ready to follow his plan step by step to get to safety and rescue all the kidnapped children in the neighborhood. Where are all the children who have disappeared? Solve all kinds of puzzles and riddles in a unique 3D environment thanks to your patience and dedication, and enjoy saving your life before it's too late. Protect your back and avoid dying at the hands of the different enemies that will cross your path and gradually learn new tricks that will lead you to the exit, solve the mystery and enjoy like never before!

What does the Horror Tale game offer?

  • Amazing 3D graphics.
  • A terrifying storyline.
  • Dozens of puzzles to solve.
  • Waves of dangerous enemies.
  • Unique adventures.

Who created Horror Tale?

This game has been developed by Euphoria Games.

Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper can be also found in these platforms:

  • MOVE
  • AIM
  • f USE
  • h PISTAS

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