Idle Space Business Tycoon

Idle Space Business Tycoon

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How to play Idle Space Business Tycoon?

Idle Space Business Tycoon is an incremental game in which you will have the chance to become the biggest tycoon in outer space by creating all kinds of businesses, trading with numerous products such as minerals or food, and producing all kinds of essential goods.

It's not easy to survive in space and only you will have the possibility to make all its inhabitants have access to anything they want with just one click. Slowly build a huge empire, grow steadily thanks to your superb efficiency in fulfilling space orders and supply the entire universe with everything they need to survive. Automate the production of goods and the extraction of materials to save time and money, keep growing your income until you become filthy rich, build a huge citadel thanks to your profits and repair the damage to the space station. Will you manage to grow to infinity? Good luck to you...

Who created Idle Space Business Tycoon?

This space business game was developed by Craft Game World.

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