Idle Beauty Salon Tycoon

Idle Beauty Salon Tycoon

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How to play Idle Beauty Salon Tycoon?

Idle Beauty Salon Tycoon is a really exciting and fun beauty and management game in which you will have to wisely manage all your savings to keep your small cosmetic products business at the top.

Your customers will demand all kinds of products and services every time they enter the shop and you can't let them down or everything you've worked so hard for will eventually disappear. Charge for your services every time one of your customers comes to the cash register, replenish the products that are in short supply quickly, follow the arrows that will point you in the right direction at all times and prosper thanks to your ingenuity, your patience and your great business acumen by modernizing your store little by little. Earn as much money as you can, don't rest for a minute and show what can be achieved thanks to a job well done! Good luck to you...

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