Grandma Recipe Nigiri Sushi

Grandma Recipe Nigiri Sushi

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How to play Grandma Recipe Nigiri Sushi?

You've decided to invite your friends over for dinner tonight and it's your turn to cook! Are you ready to show off your culinary skills in the game Grandma Recipe Nigiri Sushi? Sushi seems to please everyone, so it's time to get to work.

Patiently gather all the necessary ingredients and utensils, cut, peel and cook the food properly, make the kitchen clean and shiny and get ready to welcome your guests, your grandma's recipe will never fail if you are able to follow the steps to the letter to make good sushi, good luck!

Who created Grandma Recipe Nigiri Sushi?
This game was developed by Iclickgames.


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Minitorneos, chat & make friends


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