Grandma Recipe Apple Pie

Grandma Recipe Apple Pie

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How to play Grandma Recipe Apple Pie?

Help our lovely friend Annie bake her grandmother's apple pie that she misses so much in the game Tile Connect: Pair Matching! Get ready to ask your grandmother for the list of ingredients, look for them in the kitchen and once you have them get ready to follow the recipe step by step.

Observe every detail, cut the ingredients with precision, stir them with desire over low heat while you cook them and once you have them, place the dough and cover it with the perfect mixture of ingredients and then bake it and finally decorate the cake as you like. You can also choose a nice outfit for our friend to feel comfortable while cooking, so don't skip a single step and make your grandmother proud of you!

Who created Tile Connect: Pair Matching?

This game was developed by Iclickgames.



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